Dianne Brehmer Bailey established
HeartMusic Studio in Santa Fe in 1996,
while living in Cochiti Lake and traveling many days the 120+ miles between Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Cochiti Lake.  She relocated the Studio to Albuquerque in 2003 after her husband’s work moved to Albuquerque.

Her work in the studio emphasizes classical vocal training for high school and some middle school age students.  She also teaches beginning and early intermediate piano.

HeartMusic Studio focuses on having students discover both the proper skills for healthy singing and the passion for music in life that comes from being able to express themselves from the heart through song.

Dianne’s musical career began at the age of four when her mother introduced her to the study of the piano in their central Kansas home.  Her family moved to a small town in Iowa when she was six.  Barely more than four years later, the small, rural community setting of the school provided the 10-year-old Miss Brehmer the opportunity to begin accompanying the high school choral ensembles.  She carried on this activity throughout her junior high and high school years.

At age 12, Dianne enrolled in private piano and flute study with graduate students at the University of Iowa School of Music.  She continued this study through high school, after which
she enrolled in a Bachelor of Music program at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa.

Between her Junior and Senior years of college, Dianne’s sense of adventure led her to work as a staff member of the Christian Ministry in the National Parks with an assign-ment as lead musician in Yosemite National Park, California.

After graduating cum laude from Wartburg College, Dianne pursued graduate study in organ and voice in New York City.  She earned a Master’s degree in keyboard performance on the organ with a secondary major in vocal performance.  Subsequently Dianne earned a Master of Education degree in choral music education and administration at the secondary level from Teachers College, Columbia University.

During this time, Dianne coached jazz standards and Broadway theater singing with one of the leading studio singers in the City at that time, Dr. Ann Ruckert, who was also an ethnomusicologist.  This study represented the beginning of Dianne’s interest in performance as a jazz and theater vocalist.

Dianne has participated in numerous workshops and coaching sessions through the years and has performed on “open-mike” events in a variety of venues.  These include several multi-week master classes with the late, great Chris Calloway in Santa Fe.

Over the more than thirty five years since completing her graduate education, Dianne has sung both professionally and semi-professionally with a wide variety of choral organizations, included major professional choirs in both New York City and Chicago, as well as the Santa Fe Desert Chorale.

Like numerous other musicians, Dianne engaged in “day jobs” throughout her career in order to support her musical pursuits.  Beginning as an administrative assistant at an international, faith-based non-profit organization, she went on to pursue a range of professional  positions with non-profit arts, cultural, and educational organizations in New York, Chicago, Eastern Iowa, and Santa Fe.  Ultimately this work led her to an academic interest in the communication practices of non-profit enterprises.  In 1990, Dianne earned a Ph.D. in communication studies with a concentration on ethical criticism of organizational communication and rhetoric in the non-profit sector.

In 2009, Dianne earned the Nationally Certified Teacher of Music credential (NCTM) awarded by Music Teachers National Association for competence in vocal instruction.

In line with Dianne’s commitment to life-long learning, she maintains on-going vocal study with Jeanne Grealish.