A firm foundation in music literacy

    Introduction to the musical staff, note names, note values, interpretive markings, the  geography of the printed musical score and the piano keyboard

    Introduction to and development of physical skills to produce effective sounds at the keyboard

    Understanding of how a printed musical score relates to the keyboard, whether that is piano, organ, or synthesizer.

•   Individually tailored activities to develop accurate listening skills along with complementary study to strengthen sight-reading skills

Opportunities for musical development

           Cultivation of music literacy and interpretive skills for performing increasingly
complex repertoire

          Encouragement for pursuit of performance opportunities to capitalize on student’s
advancing skill level.

A nurturing, positive environment

       A place of warmth wherein the individual’s gifts and talents are recognized and
  affirmed, without judgment regarding his/her musical gifts or level of achievement

  1.     A place that encourages exploration of one’s own creativity through improvisation

For vocal students the studio can offer

        Fundamentals of music reading for singers

        A basic understanding of breath management for singing

        Skills to build on this basic understanding

         Strategies for learning new songs

        Guidance for developing practice habits to enhance learning of song repertoire

       An exposure to a broad cross-section of developmentally appropriate song literature